Baseball Sports Betting

Put Your Money Where Your Bat Is

You’re interested in trying your hand at baseball betting, but heard it’s a bit harder to learn and understand. People across the country participate in sports betting. Baseball betting is lucrative to a smart bettor, but far from the likeness of the crap table or black jack. On average, baseball betting is slightly different then other sports, but once you’ve got the hang of it the games can be more interesting to watch. Baseball betting has numerous ways for he or she to participate.

Place A Totals Bet

Totals, which is also known as over/under bet are not based on which team losses or wins. Instead, you’re betting on the combined final run score of both teams and which will be greater. For example, a typical total bet will appear: Dodgers/Mets over 7.5 and Braves/Texas Rangers 7.5. From this example you have (2) possible betting options: Betting if the total score run will be greater/less than 7.5. (The bet listing will always be a half value to prevent both bets from being winners.) Negative odds indicate you much risk that much money to profit. Positive odds means that he or she must risk a certain amount of money to win a certain profit. For totals, a game must go into the 9th inning to be considered action.

Place A MoneyLine Bet

Moneyline bets are also know as side bets. A individual has to determine who they believe will be the winning team. Baseball differs from other sports, in that, it doesn’t have a point spread betting system. Moneyline bets are based on the percentage of the team winning, which are reflected in the betting odds. For example a typical moneyline bet will appear: Mets +160 vs Braves -170. In a moneyline bet, a positive number means that you will gain that much money for every $100 he or she bets. A negative number means that you must risk that much money to win $100 profit. (In baseball, the team with the negative odds is considered the favorite.)

There are plenty of places that will help you place your first baseball bet. In fact, mostly all casinos have a sports betting area. The internet is a great place to do sports betting. You can use a credit or debit card with online betting, which makes betting online a lot easier for the bettor.

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