What are Some of the Bets that Can be Made for Football

What are Some of the Bets that Can be Made for Football?

Wagering on college and NFL football is a popular past time for some. Those who are able to select more than a few winning teams just might be able to walk away from the experience with a nice amount of winnings. Placing a bet on foot can take more forms than those new to wagering realize. The numerous variances of wagering increase the likelihood of finding the better and more comfortable betting strategy. Honestly, none of these variations on how to place a football bet are very difficult. As long as you understand a few of the basic components to the wagers, it becomes easier to select the ones capable of being the most advantageous.

The point spread wager is the most common types of bets that can be placed on a football game. The way this works is a set amount of points are subtracted from the favorite team and given to the underdog. So, the Jets could be – 3 against the Giants meaning the Giants can lost the actual game by two, yet win the bet by one. Point spread betting makes the outcome of the game less predictable and creates variances in the decisions among the many gamblers.

There are straight bets available in football where no point spread is involved, but not every sportsbook is willing to cover them.

The over and under bet is a rather simple one to comprehend. Basically, this is a wager based on whether or not the final score of the game is going to be more or less than a predicted amount. If the over and under of the Jets vs. Giants game is 40, an under bet wins if the final score tallies up to 39 or less and an over wager wins if the final score is 41 or more. Obviously, if the tally is actually 40, then the bet is a push. That is, there are no winners or losers.

Parlays are also popular football bets. Parlays entail getting on several games and having to win all of them to collect on the payout. The payout could be quite significant and this makes the risk worth the attempt for so many.

Teasers are bets that entail tweaking the money line. Teasers entail changing the point spread six points in your favor. While you may get a better chance of winning, you lower the amount to be paid out to you.

These are the most common bets for football. Selecting the one best for you can enhance your ability to walk away a winner.

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